Lucy Jones ARB

Lecturer Interior Architecture & Design

Lucy has over 6 years practice experience, she qualified as an architect in 2011 and previously worked at Rick Mather Architects and OMA New York. Lucy has experience of working with the existing fabric of Listed buildings on complex sites, she has worked on multi-programmatic projects, auditorium design, academic buildings, large scale housing and bespoke small scale interiors. She now works predominately in academia in both design and history and theory.

Lucy is particularly interested in the unusual and edge conditions in architecture and this is reflected in her individual research and making interests. She is currently working on projects to develop her experience of the multidisciplinary aspects of spatial design, particularly in the realm of immersive in-situ film installation, exploring different ways in which we can engage with the tactile in our environment. From this interest, Lucy has gained experience of the design and delivery of multi-media installations in settings as diverse as the Nevada desert to five star hotels, from one-off, large-scale, multi screen events to smaller animated models.