LT Ranch Projects Exhibition
in Lithuania

LT Ranch, a farmstead near the highlands of the Lithuanian northeast, is a space we have been paying attention to for several years. During these annual Summer Sessions its community of makers, thinkers, storytellers and other protagonists create non-hierarchical dialogues within the ‘as found’ conditions of landscape and the social everyday space of participants.

This community has grown within an existing one, and this summer we took the opportunity to showcase last year’s remote interventions, experiments and experiences in the local museum in Tauragnai. With the help of the museum’s curator and Stucių population, the exhibition expanded to include a small retrospective of the 10+ years we have been annually inhabiting the LT Ranch. Traveling off site for the first time, the selected physical objects are mainly prototypes of material experimentations of which the larger versions are sited in specific locations around the ranch.

Kristina Kotov
LT Ranch art director



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