M.ARCH | SYN City 51ºN

SYN City

This academic year the studio uses the 51st parallel north as its shared territory of investigation to explore the causes, current manifestations and future risks of man-made climate change. The 51st parallel of latitude traverses two oceans, three continents and thirteen countries on the northern hemisphere. It links an array of adjacent climate zones, regional landscape and urbanisation patterns and their respective cultural, socioeconomic and political contexts. Each student focuses on a specific site on the 51st parallel to develop large-scale and long-term strategies for climate action and to devise architectural design solutions to mitigate and adapt to the local challenges of ecological crises and climate emergencies.

Adopting object-oriented ontology and Timothy Morton’s concept of hyperobjects (1) as its key theoretical frameworks, the studio oscillates between evidence-based research and speculative design methodologies. Complementing the work on their Atlas of Climate Action, students constructed physical artefacts that act as spatial portraits of their investigated geographies and thematic research agendas. The multi-layered assemblages translate map-based and other site-specific information and data into, by definition complex, hybrid and ambiguous three-dimensional mappings.

(1) Morton, Timothy (2013) Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World
Minneapolis | London: University of Minnesota Press

SYN Citizens 2021/22
Olivia Christodoulides // Valentina Condrea // Ksenia Lenina // Dimple Manmovanlal // Alexander Marno // Gabriel Peck // Mst Faujia Rumman // Diya Seepaul // Keerthigan Thavaseelan // Shandri Van Rooyen // Harsha Vissapragada

Studio tutor // Gabor Stark

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)