The Work of the Architect in Self-managed Industrialisation

Lecture by Tijana Stevanović in Edinburgh

On Wednesday 5th of December 2018, CSA lecturer Tijana Stevanović will give a lecture at the University of Edinburgh. The lecture is part of the ESALA Research Seminar Series and Tijana will talk about ‘The Work of the Architect in Self-managed Industrialisation’.

As rapid post-war industrialisation of building processes—particularly used in housing construction—saw profound changes to the scale of building contracts, it also transformed the work of architects, and how they forged their collaborations. Focusing on widespread endorsement of structural systems considered ‘flexible’ and the reform in architectural education in socialist Yugoslavia, the talk posits workers’ self-management principle as a potent cultural paradigm that conditioned the relations between architects and the building industry. By identifying social relations underlying the production of the built environment, the paper demonstrates how new concepts in architects’ everyday work deemed merely technical—such as open prefabrication system or expanded circulation—reinforced their detachment from the material building process.